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Most cost effective way of starting your business

Having as much of your startup work done by one company can keep your costs down by retaining consistancy and communicating the same message.

Ready to start?

Most cost effective way of starting your business

Having as much of your startup work done by one company can keep your costs down by retaining consistancy and communicating the same message.

Ready to start?

Brand Design

If in doubt leave it out, but done properly it can be your companies biggest asset.

Brew Time?


The most important tool we use is attached to our heads. Listening and understanding your vision is something you only learn through over 20 years of experiance

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Website Design

If your reading this then when dont have to tell you why you need a website.


Magazine Design and planning.

Banners and display

CIC, Charities and Churches

We look at parts of your business plan so that we offer only what your company needs.

Website design is only a small part of what we do.

Our services.

Branding Design

Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business. A strong brand is more than just a logo; it’s reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising


Graphic Design

Design can be transformational, but only when the creative vision and business strategy are seamlessly aligned. Companies should look internally at the culture, DNA and capabilities of the brand while also understanding the broader, external context.

Web Design

A website is a business’ online shop front; it shows off your brand, what you are offering and provides a place whereby all your marketing results are driven in the same way a physical store would but instead of people walking past and being enticed in, they are browsing the web and they stumble upon your website.

Marketing Design

Internet marketing is a hot topic right now, whether for local business owners, home business owners, or large corporations, and there are Internet marketing tools abound that can help you improve this part of your business.


Copy Writing

Promoting your content right is key, you don’t want to spend all your time perfecting good content and then it get lost in the on-line crowd. Here at Ellipsium  we work with you to plan and implement good relevant and unique content which will benefit your SEO and also build your trust level on-line, we will also work with you to push your content out through social channels, links to relevant sites and email.


Professionally shot photos can do wonders to your business. Professional photography will help you to capture your product, service or industry as a whole. And because these pictures need to be used for commercial activities like advertising and marketing campaigns they have to be captured in a certain way. These pictures will also require good post processing something only an expert with experience can deliver.


Video Marketing is the future! Videos are the key to any content marketing plan, you are far more likely to get a higher reach for using video than plain old text, businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies do so at their own risk!


Using animation will help you Grab attention, Keep audiences engaged, Communicate quickly and concisely, Gain understanding,Make a lasting impression This can be a simple animated gif or an explainer video. It can also be used to make a boring topic more interesting and in some cases be less expensive than a video equivalent.


We can help write a plan and we can train you or your staff in using social media, how to use and understand analytics. we will tell you the myths and tricks SEO firms use to get you to part with your money because your suddenly on the first page of a Google search. we can keep you up to date on the trends and changes and how you can benefit from using other companies to ‘piggyback’ your online marketing.

Social Media

How Can Social Media Help Your Businesses Get More Exposure In order for a business to truly prosper, it will need all the exposure that it can get. Too many people believe that a business just needs to exist for it to succeed but you will need to understand how social media helps businesses get more exposure. Everyone these days will have an account on a social network and so it makes sense that you use this to your advantage.


Planning and strategy is what you should be doing on a regular basis not just as a start up plan to get the funding you need, but to make sure you are still fresh and not missing any opportunities. This is where Ellipsium Technology and creative communications. can come in very useful. Fresh eys looking at your business we can see things maybe you cant. We are very experienced in seeing what can work and does work and things that are just not working or worth the return. We are always happy to look at any aspect that you may wish to plan for.


A mentor will objectively assess the state of your business and the direction in which it is headed. He will bring in an unbiased point of view. In doing so, he will act as a mirror, reflecting the state of your business exactly as it is: warts, moles, blemishes and all. He will identify what’s right and what’s wrong with your business (or the business plan, depending on when exactly the mentor is brought on board) and help you fix things that need to be fixed.  .

What our clients say about our work.

“Creating the right branding and design is important. We used Ian to create a series of media covers for us and would recommend him to others looking for graphic design work”.

Keith Banfield

Profit Mechanic , Plus Results

“Ian is a professional who will take the time & trouble to ensure you get what you want, which in this day & age is a credit to his business ethics, morals & sense of over deliverance”.

Michael Bury

Business Partner, Barbury Internet

“I appointed Ian to create a new website for my business, it was done exactly how I wished it to be from my brief, It was done on time, and his creative input was a bonus – Based on the service I recieved, I recommend him”.

Alan Platt

Global, Shopping Sherlock

Ian has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of Graphic Designers, Designing to code and Start-up branding consultant.

Adilson larson

Owner, BID-Brazil in Demand


Main roles, project management: testing prototypes feeding issues from testing with software developers and electronic designers, liasing with clients making sure the project is delivered within specs.

Coming from a software development and customer service back ground this role is ideally suited for my personality…

Sam Deakin

Technical Director

Main role: Sales and marketing within the electronic engineering industries, supplying hardware and software solutions to clients in this industry.

I’ve found in my experience clients wants to deal with sales people who are honest, reliable, trustworthy, and deliver what they have promised, goin the extra mile, it always gives me satisfaction when my customers are happy with the service they have received.

I have worked with the following companies over the years, Siemens, Phillips Semiconductors.

Paul Smikle

Sales Director

I have been involved in the creative industry since I was 16, originally trained as a commercial studio photographer and spent a couple of years in my youth woking in studios in the west end of London. Started my first business at 19 and have learnt business from bootstrapping and from experience in catalogue marketing.

My passion is to see new businesses flourish especially when the initial seed is planted. Thanks to having dyspraxia,  I have a a 3D thought process that allows me to see things others may not see, which is really useful to come up with new viable business ideas.

Ian Quest

Creative thinker & innovation fella.

All your IT  Solutions

that works together.

Network  instalation and setup.

Server instalation and setup.

Repairing and upgrading computers.

Supply new PCs and componants.

Voip Free telephone calls.

Regular data backup.

Reliable email systems.

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